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The new mobile application which uses Bluetooth to connect to other phones and gathers compatible contacts automatically behind the scenes, while you go about your normal activities.

Unlike other social networks which can build artificial links, RendezBlu only connects people who came in close proximity to you, within range of about 30 feet or 10 meters, and who also had the application running on their phone.

Your network will therefore only include people who were physically near you at the same time and place, and who were also willing to meet other people. Since you shared that proximity and shared running RendezBlu, chances are you also share some common tastes or interests.

In contrast to other sites which leave you sorting through thousands of totally incompatible contacts, RendezBlu will allow you to build a network of exciting contacts with truly great meeting potential. After all, you did meet before...

RendezBlu is currently available on some Symbian ®, Windows Mobile ® and on the iPhone ®. Android ® is coming soon.